Kita e: White Illumination was the very first Dreamcast game I owned, and in fact had it in my collection before the American release of the system. It is a dating-sim/travel game (?) that I simply had to have after seeing the art by Nocchi and the design staff at Red, who made Sakura Wars, one of my favorite games.

IGN had this to say about the game:

"Japanese anime simulation/communication game. You slip into the role of a second-year high school student from Tokyo and have decided to head To the North (Kita e) to the city of Sapporo for your two week summer vacation. The plan is for you to stay with your cousin Haruno Kotori and her mother, but you’ll be meeting many other girls along the way."

Like many dating sims, it takes place on a summer vacation on the island of Hokkaidō.

These scans are form the instruction booklet. I will collect all of the girl scans in the next post, which is available here.